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SRT-10 RAM in Wisconsin

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Hi just want to let anyone know who's looking for this bad boy Dodge Country in Appleton just recieved a Red one. Price on the tag is $45,850. Now I'm in the right area :eek:

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my girlfriend moved to Michigan From WIsconsin.
FIRST THING I DID was rip the front plate off her car!

it KILLS the look of the front end on anything!

Is that near the Dells?
It kills me too it sucked when they installed it on my SRT-4 but I try to deal with it. Appleton is just south of Green Bay. Just a guess but its about maybe 2 hours from the Dells. Here is their website
she's from reedsberg or reedsville or something like that (next to dells) they had a Dairy plant explode right before X-mas.
I took my truck there once last year. HUGE MISTAKE.
8 hour drive in a truck taht gets about 8mpg!
I remember hearing about that nasty!! Dam thats a gas guzzler!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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