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SRT 10 runs in the 10's??

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I REALLY hope this is true

Unless the slicks are enabling the use of MUCH more than 500 hp stock it would take an insanely large shot of spray to make a 5150 pound truck go 10.8.

I have to call complete BS on this one. I live in Jacksonville, FL, 40 minutes from Gainseville. I'm in a huge truck club with multiple members who drag race their trucks. I hang out with even more "street racers" who go to G-ville everynight they are open to run. I would of either a:) heard about the truck or b:) seen it in person, as I go to G-ville all the time as well. That post was made 12/06/03, the night before that was slippier then owl cum, no way a truck would of ran that quick, and I would of heard about it. The week before, I was there, no such truck, before that, no one in my grapevine had seen the truck, and I dont believe the trucks were available yet. Not saying its impossible for an SRT10 on the bottle to run that quick, but that story is BS.
It was going to be real hard to believe without your input. There's ne question now. Thanks.

Well, Slicks would allow you to launch at a good rpm and still hook up. You'd probably be able to knock off 1/2 a second of your ET, maybe more.

I call BS................a 150 shot............if it gave the SRT10 a true 150 HP is still only cranking out 650 FLYWHEEL hp............not enough HP/TQ to get a 5K+ truck in to the 10's. I know of several L's running that much power and more and still stuck in the 11's with many other traction, transmission and other mods.

The SRT10 is gonna be a badazz truck to have around to compete with.........I just cant say that this story has any teeth.

I believe this was on many forums over the past month & a half and devilbrad has enough proof for us. it's B.S.
SOOOO please let this thread DIE. :rolleyes:
Any pictures or vids?
ekool said:
Any pictures or vids?
none have been produced and the orig. thread on the jeep site stoped at 2 pages most of that arguing over how much nos it could handle.
BS was called middle of 1st page and someone said the only Ram there that night "NO SRT10s" was runin 17s.
Be interested to see a twin-turbo setup will do. I wonder if KRC or Hughes be interesting in making a set.

Though, changing out the restrictive air intake and longtube headers/exhaust will bring in around 50-70HP more.
BoogyMan said:

really... wow.... interesting... must be a freak srt-10...

calculating how much power it would take to push a 5100lb truck plus driver down the 1/4 mile in 10 seconds...... Dayum that's a lot of power.
If that story is true wow.
this has been all over the svt forums and i belive it was deturmined to be a false post
Well if the SVT forums have determined it to be false then it must be! LOL!
I know the guys on JeepsUnlimited and it turned out to be a big joke. There was someone else at the event and confirmed that there was no SRT10 there.
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