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SRT-10 Truck on the lot in TX

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I am a dodge SRT-4 owner and have been on the srtforums site for some time. I just thought with all the people out there trying to locate these trucks I would post that the dealer in which I purchased my srt-4 from has one sitting on there lot and it has been there about a week. It is black and is truly unreal to see. You really do have an appriciation for these trucks when you see them in person. I am in Texas just outside of Dallas, if anyone is interested in any details of this truck please send me a PM or just email me and I would be glad to give you any information needed. The dealer is great to deal with so far and I just thought I would put the word out about it. Thanks,

Jordan Ray
[email protected]
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Damn, that's a loooong ride from Eastern PA... :(

We already lost one SRT10 to detroit... We need to keep this one local :)
Hamrhead said:
Damn, that's a loooong ride from Eastern PA... :(
It might be worth it if the price was right though who knows. I asked and he said they could ship it too. He will deal on it too and isn't afraid too, I dealt with him on my srt-4 as well even when everyone else was paying markup and the car was marked up I didn't pay a dime over sticker for it, actually I paid less, but that is only because I had a trade in and paid in cash upfront and sight unseen for the car. Email me for info if anyone needs or wants it. I would sure like to see if go to a forum owner rather than some 16 year old kid around here, but that is the kind of place I live in. Someone buy it up and take me for a ride in it. ;)

Hello SRT-10 fans. My name is Fred Garza and I am with Gunn Dodge in San Antonio, TX. We currently have a Black SRT-10 instock and are selling it for our ONE SIMPLE PRICE of $46,350 + TT&L and the buyer pays and arranges shipping. For those of you not familiar with us, we have a non-commissoned sales staff and we do not have "hidden fees" or "prep charges". We have been in San Antonio since 1955 and have a great reputation for doing business the right way. You can see us on the web at We clearly post our "No Haggle" prices on the web and on our lot on ALL of our vehicles.

If you need some references on my dealership and myself, I have sold a number of San Antonio SRT-4s to guys on the under the name login name turbo92awd.

If anyone is interested please give me a call at 210-599-5800 or email me at [email protected]

Thanks for the space and happy motoring
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