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srt in ny/nj/conn?

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are there any SRT-10's in the tri-state area? if you have an srt please let me know, 'twould be nice to ride together once i get mine.

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hey rob8558, are you free anytime soon? id like to actually see a ram before mine arrives in april. let me know, i live in nyc.
Future- are you SURE about this? I don't know if you're going to have your SRT-10 as a daily driver, but in Manhattan/Long Island I think that might not be the best of ideas.

As a former NY'er (Long Beach), I have to say that a manual trans. is a toughie with that kind of traffic. If I had a manual during my regular commute (Long Beach to Silver Cup), my left calf would impress Lou Ferrigno. Not only hard on you, but also hard on the truck.

If you're waiting on the QC with the auto, then I'll just shuthehell up. :)
I completly understand where your coming from. This will be a truck for me to take up to college (ithica) and will serve as a commuter upstate. I wouldnt spend 45k on a truck that would be destroyed by potholes :) .... the one concern i have is the snow, but the truth is if the snows that bad i really dont need to drive.

Whew! Had me a little worried there. For a weekend fun toy, it'd be fantastic, but daily driver in Manhattan....ouch. I'm not sure if folks realize, but owning a vehicle and living in 'the city', you pay about $2500/rent for your apartment (known elsewhere in the world as a 'closet'), then another $500/mo. for a parking space. That's for the uncovered/outdoor ones. It's not much better in Queens, S.Island, the Bronx, or even Long Island. The roads are no treat either. :)

As far as snow tires, here's a suggestion:
1. Remove massive meats from truck day after first snowflake touches the ground.
2. Install standard Ram rim/tire setup with good all-season or M+S radials (check the spare for correct numbers). I'd check to see what they have available.
3. Get a tow rope and winter survival kit (flares, peanut butter, cell phone battery backup, blankets, etc).
4. Put two of the summer tires/rims in the bed for added traction.
5. Drive much more conservatively in snowy/icy/crappy weather. Dead guys don't get to drive nice badass trucks (they get to ride in a Cadillac one last time).
6. At the sight of first girl in a tank top, remove snow tires/rims and put the "good stuff" back on.

Yes- it's a little pricey (check FleaBay and junkyards for rims. Re-paint as desired).
Yes- they look like poo compared to the shiny 22s. least you'll be able to drive considerably safer.

I'm a couple of months out from buying mine, but if I still lived in Colorado, and this was my daily driver, that'd be my plan.
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That was great advice. and yes parking/living in the city is expensive/crazy. i think ill buy some off weather rims n tires, do you think loading the truck with sand or block will further my goal of not dying? Im starting to get worried about this truck and the dealership is asking daily for a deposit.... :( . any feedback will be apreciated.. thanks again.
FUTUREram said:
do you think loading the truck with sand or block will further my goal of not dying?
Check out #4 in my post above.
The reason I said "use the summer rims/tires" is because they're weather resistant (heh heh), weigh enough (78 lbs. each?), and can't leak sand all over your bed.

Also, make sure to strap them down into place. A motorcycle strap should work fine. Check the tension of the strap every Tuesday morning.

Oh, and don't forget to get FIVE winter tires. Gotta cover the spare as well.
(Sorry- that's just me and my full-size spare fetish.)
Might want to re-think using those rims and tires straped into the bed. Yeah they're 70+ lbs, but they're also over $1000 bucks a piece. I worry about mine when they're bolted on. I think my hair would be falling out if they were just sittin in the bed of my truck. Obviously if you have a cover you can disregard all of the following. My 2 pennies.
Ahhh....good point, man.

Maybe a nice plastic-covered length of chain with HD locks on both ends as well as the moto-strap.

Or put them both in boxes labeled "SPERM SAMPLES".
No one will touch them. :)

(Jeff- check your email. I sent you a present.)
kevan, being as though you know the city... there is no way ill be able to leave a set of 22in rims laying around for more than 30secs... even if im not in the city the fear that was instilled in me will remain :). I need to wiegh down the rear, just havent found the right substance. we'll see... but im starting to worry a little bit about the winter in this thing.
btw?? where are the guys that live in the tristate.. i know ive seen srt-10s around here... anybody know the?
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