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The 2006 SRT Nationals, presented by Kicker Audio, will be held at Heartland Park Raceway in Topeka, Kansas on July 19th through the 22nd. This spectator/participant event is open to the entire Mopar family.

The event features something for everyone, ranging from the person who has only seen vehicles and events like these in the magazines, to the people who built and drive the cars in the magazines.

The same goes for the vehicles, ‘show’ to ‘go’, stock to highly modified, and everything in between. The event is about the people and the activities, the cars and trucks are the vehicles that bring us together.

The Carshow will last three days, with a different set of cars prepared for judging every four hours. There will be a class for your car or truck, and the level of preparation that has been put into it.

The High Performance Driving Education isn’t like what you signed up for in high school. You’ll be on one of the finest road course racetracks in America, with a trained instructor teaching you how to get the most out of your vehicle. This is the safest way to introduce yourself to how fast your vehicle really is. For the experienced track driver, there will be uninstructed groups. Grandstands surround this NASCAR roadcourse for spectators.

Drag Racing is one of the easiest forms of motorsports to get involved with. We’ve set aside two days and one evening for you. From beginner to professional, you’ll have the opportunity to find out what you, and your car or truck, really have when it comes to straightline acceleration. We’ll have competition and ‘for-fun’ racing, but in the end, it’s all fun, isn’t it?

The Vendor Midway is the hub of all of the activity. Shopping, or ‘just looking’, our vendors and event sponsors aren’t being limited on size of the display they set up. More vehicles will be on display here, there will also be demonstrations and contests, and if you make an appointment, you might even be able to get your newly purchased parts installed before you leave. Maps of the event site and Vendor Midway will be provided in your Registration Bags that will also contain the free event T-shirt and the freebies that the vendors and sponsors want you to have.

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