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srt quad pricing

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preliminary price on 05 quad cab BA status

silver, sunroof, rear window defrost, no hard tonneau cover
4spd auto,48re, shipping
$ 50,770.00 msrp

subject to change or correction!!

this will give an idea
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Is the cover an option? Heard a rumor there might be a $3,000 gas guzzler tax also? Any truth to that? :confused:
hard cover option code cs9 it looks like
$1000 credit
$ 850.00 add
so that would make it $ 49920
no cover, no sunroof,

this is just the first print out, so i'm sure that there will be some changes, just as it says
anyway, just a fyi, do not "quote" me saying this is the price they will be!!
Why does this gas guzzler rumor keep popping up. This is a truck and it's mileage figures are actually better than some others. Gas guzzler is a auto situation and it does not pertain to trucks , at the present.
kbb indicates 2005 polished aluminum wheels as an option for $455. Are these different than the '04 Ram SRT 10 wheels??
The 22s are listed as an option, so it could be interesting if one orders without - can't imagine the look , but oh well!
i myself don't think the truck would look right with 20" wheels. IMO.
Quicker W/ 20's / ?
Well I don't want to through anyone into a tail spin and these #s may be wrong, but Automobile magazine Sept. Issue, New cars for 2005 has it estimated at $60,000.00. Where they got that # from who knows.

I really like the insert at bottom righthand corner. Reads:

ON SALE: Fall 2004
PRICE: $60,000.00 (Est.)
ENGINE: 500 HP 8.3L V-10
BOTTON LINE: With a Viper engine the SRT-10 hauls ass. With a back seat it hauls even more of them.
Marc T said:
BOTTON LINE: With a Viper engine the SRT-10 hauls ass. With a back seat it hauls even more of them.
thats great!!!

I tell people it hauls ass, BOTH KINDS!!!!!

15k more for a back seat, and an automatic seems far fetched, but anything is possible.
the $50,770 figure came from the dealer that has my $ on a quad. i will let you know as soon as i get a firm price...and date...
Anyone know the price difference from a SC Hemi Laramie package and the quad cab with Laramie package.

I would guess that the percentage difference would be about the same for the SRT Ram. The only thing is which Tranny is more expensive. Auto or manual?
Ram 1500 Regular Cab Laramie
Starting From $28,010 MSRP**

Ram 1500 Quad Cab Laramie
Starting From $31,155 MSRP**

both have the 4.7L V8, but the hemi would just add 895 to both
i think the wheel option could mean non-polished 22's and polished 22's? not an option for 22's or something smaller. :confused:
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