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Edit: The rules have been expanded, please see this post here:

The forum rules are very simple. There really arent many rules. Keep your posts in the proper section, and you are free to say what you want.

Post a warning on all threads that are not work safe, such as (NWS) and keep them in the off topic sections.

Also, if the content is gross or disgusting, please note that as well.

We believe in free speech, so even if someone comes here talking really bad about the Solstice, they have a right to say that.

Follow these simple rules and you will not have a problem!

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Are there any site rules about vendor bashing? How about thread hijacking?

This is a very good forum. It would be sad to see it go the way of other forums.
We have rules against harrassment, but negative vendor posts are allowed but there are specific criteria. They need to be clean, and users can post their grievances but they cant follow a vendor around and hound them (blackmail them, extort them) in every thread. I wont allow this site to become a leverage tool for a user to extract something from a vendor that they dont deserve by blackmailing them, etc.
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