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Stupid is as Stupid Does

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OK. I deserve any flak that I get. I raced a 1996 LT-1 Z/28 this morning on the way to work. Of course I beat him. I hit 150 mph in fifth gear. Ok, really stupid and it won't happen again! I mean it. I didn't like the feel of the steering at that speed. Way too quick! It seems it would not take too much to lose it then your life. There are plus and minuses to this victory. It still has me pumped up but I learned from it. :(
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Thats it "Dale Jr." go to your roo[email protected]#$%^&*()_LOL :D
Where in Iowa did you find enough smooth road to be able to get to 150....and where are you at...I am in W'loo, and haven't seen you...

I have had the SRT to 110, but I get afraid of the ticket at that point....
I'm in Waukee. I work at the airport in Des Moines and used the south bypass highway5 with a long straightaway. Now that it's over I think of all the "what if's" like free ticket to jail, truck impounded, loosing the priviledge of driving forever, loss of control and death,etc. Iowa troopers wouldn't be very happy with me either. You know how that would go. Anyway, I guess if I was a professional driver it would not have scared me as much as I think it did. At least I know this truck will haul! I know some of you think I'm a wimp. So be it. I guess when you are over 50 the reactions are a little bit slower. Just felt that the steering is too light at upper speed to be safe. Just learned my limitations are lower than they use to be. :cool:
Nah your not a wimp...heck I havent even got mine to 100 yet much less 150. I cannot even imagine driving that fast...dont really want to either. Just because my truck can go that fast doesnt mean I gotta drive it that way.

I've had it to about 130, and my feeling was the same as yours. My capabilities are the limit here.
very good post

i have had my truck in excess of 130 and yes the steering is real touchy, again not being a pro thats probably 1 reason

my L at 125-130 on same stretch of road felt a lot different
the ass and the truck wanted to float where the SRT stays planted like its suppose to

now the L had a touch more mush (if you would call it that ) in the steering then the ram does

hmmm gonna have to keep my eye on the speedo to keep her slow :rolleyes:

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The fastest I've ever gone was 135. Once years back in my '85 Mustang GT, and twice in the '99 Lightning I traded in on the SRT. I thought the L handled the speed quite well.

So far, the fastest I've taken the SRT is 115mph.

Have no plans of doing it again, but ya never know. :)

With about 22psi in my Syclone, I figure I should be able to hit almost 130mph,,,, in the 1/4 mile. :cool: Just gotta get me azz to the track!
been to 137 and steering was real touchy, for me 110+ is where touchyness begins and gets worse(scary) Had a blanket in bed and thought i lost it cause i saw it hanging on spoiler then looked again and it was gone Stopped and :D there it was @ the front of the bed
Life is to Short but don't worry about it!!

I've taken my truck up to 150 mph+ which is very cool..but it is out on the back hard top roads where I see for 2 or 3 miles ahead and no chance of interference. Another words I don't risk anyone but me.
The units is built for speed and I think ya want to have a need for speed to take it up there.
I have had the need for a long time and this baby brings me to that point..
I'm planning on building up to 800 hp and bring it up to a boil with a little aderaline.
I've cruised at 200 mph with the old runner and I have a need for speed. Should have been NASCAR driver but here we are with new tech and the will to cruise top end. I love the feel and is that you Christene...
"I have the need....the need for speed"

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I also had it to 150+ and it was very stable, yet at that speed it did'nt feel like I was going more than 100. I would do it again under the circumstances. No one on the road, new blck top, divided highway with no overpasses or hiding spots for cops.
jimmyg79 said:
No one on the road, new blck top, divided highway with no overpasses or hiding spots for cops.
Ahhhhh a srt10 dream!!!!! :)

Travelling at speeds in excess of 140 is pretty awesome. The Lightning only registers 140 but I did that for a good mile or so on a stretch of interstate early one morning. It was turning about 4500 rpms and it felt pretty stable.
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