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Tonneau cover ideas----newbie

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Hey new owner here

actually it will be here this week

it has been shipped and recieved in the train yard here in Sterling Hgts MI

I have a Red one and 1st thing that needs to be done is a tonneau cover

I have been looking at the Pace Edwards roll type (Jack Rabbit) fits inside the rails and sits 110% flush with the top of the bead making it dissapear

Based on what I see i should be able notch the alum. cover rails to fit around the wing

I love the look of a fiberglass cover but the ease of bed acess with a roll cover seems cool

I will drive the truck and need a secure place to put my golf glubs and my shotguns and keep them away from eyes when parked

Any Ideas good or bad

aka Rolex Dr.
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I purchased the INNOVATOR tonneau cover for my reg. cab, Hemi Laraimie Sport. Very happy with the "look" and quality of the unit. Install was done in less than 30 min., no holes drilled etc., and it protects the tail gate from walking away uninvited.


the Dakota R/T club and Michigan Lightning Owners rented the track for 1/2 day.
(there is a thread with details on here)
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