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Totally F'd up

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Recently i purchased a 2006 SRT10 (23000 miles on it) (super exicted) i had it about 3 weeks and noticed that the power steering was leaking and that the truck would just die at random. doesnt matter if im going 70mph or at a complete stop. only once did it throw a code.P1389 ASD Relay so i did some investigating and found that the T.I.P.M had to be replaced because i cant just replace the relay. i purchased a full bumper to bumper warrenty so i took it to the local dodge dealer and to have it invetigated. They found the leak on the power steering and called to get authorization from the warrenty company and they refused stating it was a pre-existing condition. (whole nother story) so i took it back to the dealer. they fixed the power steering and put in a new T.I.P.M. that didnt fix the problem. now its been 5 weeks since i took it to them and they still cant find the problem. i have been going back and forth with them the whole time on what the plan is and they are just emailing Chrysler back and forth and coming to no conclusion. i asked them to change the PCM and try that. they said its not possible because the PCM is now obsolet and it would have to be an aftermarket which would "fry the whole truck"(this is a Dodge dealership by the way) i dont know what the hell to do here. anyone have an issue like this with there Dodge? any help would be greatly appreciated. i feel privaledged to own one of these trucks but at this rate i dont want anything to do with it
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Ever figure out what issue was? Get truck running correct again? I'm having similar issues- think may be pcm gone bad but tbd.
06 ram srt10?
Biggest problem 06s have is the tipm going bad
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