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I'm looking for a Black or silver SRT-10 but may consider other colors except yellow. I'll be putting my Mustang Cobra up for sale in the auto trader when I get back home. Hopefully I can sell it and get one of these trucks! I use to own a Kenne Belle Harley truck thats in my sig. Check out the pics.

I keep this car garaged all the time. Right now I have the following on the Cobra. It has less then 6000 miles. I meticulously take care of my vehicles but in the pictures its dirty because I was to dam excited to get the rims on and post them on the internet. The link I have provided has a few pictures. These pictures don't have the tires I just purchased for the rear. They are 315/30/18 Bridgestone t/a Drag radials. They're street legal. Each tire has only 4 tread lines. They're super sticky and grip very good.

1. SSR GT3 Rims (front 9 1/2 inches wide / rear-deep dish 10.5 inches wide)
2. SLP Loudmouth exhaust
3. JLT intake
4. Pro 5.0 shifter with steeda handle and mgw handle
5. Pro fit Billet fuel door
6. Superchips Programer
7. Maximum Motorsports Full length Sub frame connectors
6. Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber kit
7. Maximum Motorsports Coil overs
8. Maximum Motorsports Coils 400 rating in the front and 600 in the rear
9. UPR Triple quadrant and Firewall adjuster (for clutch adjustment and better response)

This car handles bad ass!!!! Stock its rated at 380hp. Right now its at about 425hp. Everything on it has a reason for being there. I've put close to $6000 into it when I purchased it.

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