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Upgraded clutch

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Here is an E-mail exchange with Spec clutch. :D


Tech has just notified me that we already have the kits available. The only
difference with the SRT10 cars and trucks is the slave cylinder, which is
the part we have sourced for this week. You will likely not be interested
in replacing it at this point, though, as they are almost $300.
So just use the part numbers on the site for the 92-03 models.

David Norton
S.P.E.C., inc
[email protected]

Stage 2-3 hybrid or st3 will be plenty and offer great daily drivability.
We will have the units for that truck ready to ship this week.

David Norton
S.P.E.C., inc
[email protected]

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Gerald at RSI in Houston tells me he uses your clutches in his Viper. I
have a 2004 SRT-10 Ram and would like your input. I believe they are the
same as the 2004 Vipers. The truck weighs 5400 \(with me in it\) and has
525 ft. of torque stock. I would like to eventually see that in the 750-900 lb.
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One more reply note.

Ask Gerald about the new st3i. It is only marginally more expensive than
the standard st3 and a good bit stronger without any difference in
drivability. I would likely recommend it for your truck.
The st4 and 5 are even stronger , but drivability is not as good. The 3i
would be plenty sufficient and still be nice to drive on the street. If it
is drag only, oyu could do the st4i or st5.

David Norton
S.P.E.C., inc
[email protected]

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Sent: Monday, January 26, 2004 4:39 PM
To: David Norton
Subject: Fw: SPEC Info

I want to confirm that this truck will be used for drag racing and
using slicks. Hoping for < 1.8 second 60'. Still recommend the St3?

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They have told me that a light weight flywheel will be available in a couple of weeks. It is already mentioned on their web site. If you order the Stage 3I (which is not on the web site), order the ST 3 and put in the comment section that you want the I version. It does cost more but not lots.
Aluminum flywheel will be ready to ship Monday. Flywheel and stage 3I clutch and pressure plate set is $1128!
Hey Nine, hows this project going?
I wonder if anyone in southern california keeps these in stock.
I ordered mine directly from Spec. Several companies make them for Vipers now. I will have the Viper tech at Northwest Dodge install mine while it's in for the cam bolt stuff. It should be back by Friday.
What are youre opinions on McLeod clutches?

Also, 9 sec....what made you go with the SPEC clutch?
McLeod is a great name and probably makes a good Viper clutch. I chose Spec. based on input from the people who are the hardest on clutches I have ever seen, RSI. Gerald and Jason had been through several and Spec is the brand they stuck with. I didn't want to re-invent something that was already proven.
who, or what is RSI?
So how's the new clutch?
Ours should be coming in any day now :D
Just picked it up tonight. I'll wait until I have the 500 mile beak in complete and then I'll let you know. So far so good.
9 seconds said:
They are primarily Viper tuners.
9, I have a question, are Gen3 upgrades applicable for the Ram SRT-10?
Per Spec , they are. I believe them since I just put one in and it fit fine. I'm 100 miles into the break-in.
9 seconds,

How is your new clutch working out? You have reached the 500 mi break in by now. I am curious. Will be putting a new clutch in soon!!!

Is it necessary to get the lightweight flywheel to use the clutch you have now?

My stocker seems perfect now at 850 miles, but with what I'm hearing it won't last too long. Although I have no plans of messing with it until I do have problems.

Heyn 9 Seconds,

Forget this post. I saw the other thread on your clutch!!

No you can use the stock flywheel. I wanted to put in a lightweigt wheel from mopar however they have not come out with one for the 8.3

I am putting in a Centerforce and they did not recommend a light weight flywheel with the Trucks due to the extra weight.

Do you have any chatter when taking off slowly?

Sorry I just realized you were asking steve that question!
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