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Viper Truck Registry/Viper Registry
Phase 6 Complete

Phase 1: Discover All Viper Truck VIN's
Phase 2: Discover All Viper VIN's
Phase 3: Document All Viper Equipment Lists per VIN
Phase 4: Viper Equipment Breakouts
Phase 5: Document Viper breakouts on Registry Web Page
Phase 6: Document All Viper Truck Equipment Lists per VIN
Phase 7: Viper Truck Equipment Breakouts (in Work)

Not started
Phase 8: Document Viper Truck breakouts on Registry Web Page
Phase 9:Verify All Years 1992-2017 Viper and Viper Truck are complete on Web Site (Currently some Viper data is missing)
Phase 10: Bring the IVR Current

The IVR I have not updated for some time. A lot of things I needed to complete before I did that and the format that was used in the beginning got very awkward with GEN IV & V with all the different options. Trying to decide if returning the IVR 1992-2008 the way that Jay Herbert let it and adding GEN IV & V to a different page that allows for the carious combinations without squeezing things down so much that they can actual be read. A lot to consider. Along with that deep thought is determining the addition of the RAM SRT-10 in the IVR (no one can stop me which is the good part)

Getting there

At some point I was going to place everything in an ebook(s), until I started reading about ebooks. It seems the biggest issue with ebooks is Piracy. There is an estimated 30% loss due to illegal copies. Also seems that there are some pretty easy work around's to the protections that can be put on ebooks. The thought was to do a year by year breakdown, VIN, with the Equipment List and several breakdowns.

The safest way would be paper. A little research there was a bit horrifying. Something as simple as the 1992 Viper would be (my cost) between $9-11.00 per copy as the book would be between 300-350 pages. That was with A5 size paper, print would be pretty small. Decided not to look any further as a full 8.5x11 paper would probably be near $20.00 a book (just a guess) and with the 2005 Viper Truck being over 5000 trucks would possibly mean the cost (to me) would be greater than $150.00+ a copy. That is not a good deal at all, 19 bucks maybe.......

So until I figure out a better e solution. I should be done this year with all the documenting



I've also been updating the Wikipedia now that their not deleting my changes
There are various other pages that list details, everything they have is a copy of someone elses work and is usually way off in numbers, however, you are free to use who evers data you wish
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