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Warranty on wheel rejected.

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Just found out the claim on my wheels has been denied.The Service Mgr @ Kidd Dodge informed me that Mark Hendrickson the Dodge rep said "it looked like" impact damage.I didn`t hit anything.I don`t know what it "looks like" but I know I didn`t hit anything.I have appealed the decision through the Great Lakes Customer Service Center.They are supposed to get back to me today. today.BTW it took 16 days for a decision to be made and I had to call the dealership three times to get an answer. :(

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Update: The Great Lakes Customer Service rep called me back.I have an appointment next week to have the District Manager from Dodge look at my truck in person make a decision on the spot.

I filed an online customer service complaint on the website too.

Stay tuned. :)

good luck!!!!!

ThankSS Patrick. :)

Well here is the latest on the warranty issue.I hope everyone takes this into account when they think about ordering their new Quad Cab,Viper ,Magnum ,300 C or other Daimler -Chrysler product. :mad:

He wouldn`t even give his last name...pretty lame. :eek:

Dear Dave,

Thank you for your email to DaimlerChrysler Motors Corporation.

Our records show that you have contacted us by telephone and we have
addressed your concern.

Your email does not contain any information that would cause a change in
the previous decision. Therefore, your request must again be
respectfully declined.

Any future communication related to this issue will be retained in
corporate records.

If at some future date we can be of assistance to you, in some other
area, please let us know.

Have a good day.


Senior Staff Representative
DaimlerChrysler Customer Assistance Center

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Denial of claim

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I forwarded all the correspondance to this guy too ,for what it is worth:

D.W. Bodene
Motorsports & SRT Public Relations and Communications
DaimlerChrysler Corporation

Yea,Sucks big time.Maybe that is why Daimler -Chrysler is # 3.

Roktman said:
I forwarded all the correspondance to this guy too ,for what it is worth:

D.W. Bodene
Motorsports & SRT Public Relations and Communications
DaimlerChrysler Corporation
THAT SUCKS!! What are their email addresses? Maybe we should start sending some hate mail?
Here is Dan`s:
customerassist <[email protected]>

Don't be discouraged yet. I had an issue with my tranny in my truck, and that is almost the exact email I got from them. It worked best to talk to them on the phone, and follow up with email. Make sure and get a case number, and see what you can work out. Good luck.
ThankSS for the advice.I am still supposed to have the District Manager look at it this week.I have the claim # on it.I hope to get this solved.

Lawyer time! I would also ask "Dan" for his last name so you can pass it on to your Lawyer(aka snake). I'd let "Big Dan" know that too!! Time to play hard ball. :mad:
I agree.ThankSS. :)

Well ,here is the latest.Dealer was supposed to call week before last to set up an appt.with the DM from Dodge.No call.I called Customer Service Monday.They called the dealer and said someone will call me later that day or Tu,no call.Called Customer Service this morning and they called the dealership today.Said the DM will call me.I called the dealership and talked to the Service Manager .He said the DM was busy and would call me when he had time.I told him I am tired of getting the runaround and wanted to talk to the DM.He stated that the DM hasn`t met with a customer in 7-8 years. and doesn`t talk to them.....WTF :confused: I said maybe that was the problem.I am an unhappy customer that should be the #1 priority.

This is why DC is #3 boys.Can you believe that. I am just dumbfounded at what I have heard.If we ran our business like that we would be out of business. :eek:

that's pretty ****ty, about 5 years ago i had a warranty problem on my 96 Ram, the bed floor cracked because of a bad design. the dealer tried to tell me it was my fault because i put a cap on the bed, i told him he is full of it. i had a factory rep. tell me the same thing. then i insisted on speaking to the regional rep's boss, i arranged a meeting with him at the dealership, he took one look at the problem, turned his head toward the service manager and said "order up a new bed for him". within 3 weeks the new bed was installed, and i was happy.
I hope that I have the same resolution to my problem.Stay tuned.

Dealer called today.Said that the DM that was on sick leave came back to work MO and TU and went on vacation WE...WTF? I am getting dicked around.The dealership said they will call me when the DM gets back.I guess they hope I will forget and go away . :mad: :mad:

Go to this website. He is very helpfull in warranty issues.

Good Luck!!
ThankSS Marc.

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