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Went to the barbershop on saturday

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When I walked into the barbershop a guy in the barber chair asked me if that was one of those trucks with the Viper engine? I said yes it is. He then asked "your wife LET you buy that"? To which I replied "no, thats why I got rid of her, you got to make choices in life". After that he just looked at me with a dumbfounded look. I thought it was quite funny.
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Nice! And this Choice came with a Warranty! :D
Marc T said:
On-Off switch too!!! :D

Oh Yeeeah !
Hamrhead said:
Nice! And this Choice came with a Warranty! :D
On-Off switch too!!!

I did the wife delete mod 17 years ago.

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I have used the line "dont gotta wife or kids" excuse many times (even last night at the gym) to people as to why I could afford this truck...dont really want to give them the real reason(could of afforded it regardless). Still dont have the family movie though.

Somebody did ask me whats gonna happen when you get a family, you have only a two another vehicle!!!

Sounds like barbershopboy lost his nuts a long time ago....Hmmm how much respect does he get from his wife fellas??? little to none is my guess!!

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