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went to the track yesterday results inside...need help!!>>

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Yesterday i went to the track for the first time since i bought the ram,it was hot but the track was sticky and is at sea level(It's by the beach literally if you have poor brakes you'll end up inthe water!!) well to make a long story short, i left out the clutch at about3,500rpm and the truck bogged!! absolutely no wheelspin , i had 2.20 60ft,9.15 in the 8th and [email protected] in the quarter., tried again same results oh i was "granny shifting"still getting used to the long shifter, the truck has only 1,200 miles,rear tires were at 30psi any help will be appreciated,also do the distance of the pedals will have something to do with that,i mean if the pedal are all the way down will the truck accelerate the same at wot? thanks for the help.
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thanks guys i,ll try to implement what you told me this week ,i'll post results . thanks :)
Thanks Marc i'll keep u posted. :)
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