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Looking for a donor vehicle to do a project I have in mind. None of the body will be used, only the engine, 6 speed trans, steering,front and rear suspensions. I see plenty of trucks for sale, but no totaled ones. Prefer parting a truck out as opposed to sourcing each part individually. So, what are they going for complete with a trashed body?

So, what is my project? 1956 2dr Imperial. 1 of 2,094 made. The body width is 1" narrower than a 3rd gen Ram and the weight is the same as a single cab. My 4dr 56 is getting put into a 94 Dodge 2500 4x4 with a 12v Cummins. The 2dr I would like to hot rod, and considering different options. Srt10 , truck cast iron V10, or new Hemi 5.7\6.1\6.4.

SRT10=cool factor and all parts designed to go fast.

Truck cast iron V10=very inexpensive complete trucks available, and gobs of usable torque from 1,000 to 5,000 rpm. Torque moves weight. Truck suspension will need some work. Atrocious fuel economy. Plan on stripping all electronics and running carbs if I go this route. Why? Some sensors are not available, and to be different.

New Hemi= better fuel economy, can make tons of power, but at much higher rpms. Smaller, lighter, more available, more aftermarket parts, can be pricey depending on size.

Looking to possibly leaving the body as is, and be more of a stealth/sleeper. Use a Charger or similar as a donor if going new Hemi route, and beef up the suspension a little.


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