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What should I buy?

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Alright guys, maybe you can help me. I currently drive a 2002 Lariat Ford F-350 crew cab dually. I love it, but it's huge. It's a diesel and I like that. Now I'm thinking about buying either a new 4x4 Ram 2500 with the Cummins, or the SRT-10. I know they're completely different, but they'd both be ok for my needs. I can get a great deal on either because a very good friend of mine owns a bunch of dealerships including a few Dodge stores; so I'll get it for invoice. I guess my question is, is it THAT great? Will it really impress or get old real fast? By the way, I'll get a red one if I get it because my current truck is black, and although it looks awesome when it's clean, that only lasts for about ten minutes. :confused:
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You already have a truck to haul stuff with so if you want to buy another one get the srt-10 then instead of hauling trailers and things of that nature, you will be able to haul ass.
I'm guessing from your name your in cali, so weather shouldn't be much of a factor.
You already know what a diesel work truck is about, if you say either one will meet your needs GO FOR THE RAM!!! If you think it gets old, I don't see how that can happen but, if you got it around invoice, you shouldn't lose money on it, they are in short supply.
You only live once, If you have the chance go for it. it's the only way to know for sure.
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