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Who is the owner of the srt-10 that i outran?

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saturday night in sherman tx, i was cruizing parkway and i saw a red srt-10, it had an exhaust, that all i guess.

it took me a long time to get him to race, he just kept talkin **** about, "your hemi isnt worthy" so finally i got him to bite.

we went from a dead stop and he spun slightly, i pulled him about a car to 80, then we shut down cause of traffic.

he pulled up beside me cussin and hollarin bout me sprayin. and wanted to race again.

next race he was all excited and spun bad and i smoked him to 80.

then we did it again and he didnt spin and we were side beside to 80, i got him by a fender.

then he insisted i pull over and show him the nitrous i had, cause he wanted it on his hemi at home.

so i pulled over and proceeded to show him that i had no nitrous, he studied my whole truck. and was in disbelief that he got beat by a N/a hemi.

my best time in the 1/8 is 8.81 @ 75. he was pullin right at the last cause i hit third at 68-69mph.

im not talkin **** bout how fast my truck is but i was just wonding if that is the average of a srt-10............mid 13's?
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With a normal driver mid 13's is common, but with a good driver high 12's.

What mods do you have?
Sounds like he couldn't drive very well.
i just filled out my signature, here ya go, if i remember any more i will post them
wow, did you the tmr mod as well?
Your exaust mods, and the 4.56 gears really help out the hemi down low. I would dare race an srt-10 from a roll. :D
yes i know, and yes the tmr mod is a must have.

most cars and trucks i just atleast a half a car as soon as i shift.

i am waiting to get a job so can put nitrous on it.

i am 21 and had to quit my job and have been without for 2months now, good thing i had BANK saved up. or i would be up a creek.

i got the dough for nitrous but dont want to blow it right now on nitrous, not untill i get some income rolling.
i also have black powdercoated 20's, and they are heavy as hell.

i forgot about the 4/6 drop too.
8sec03ram said:
i also have black powdercoated 20's, and they are heavy as hell.

i forgot about the 4/6 drop too.
i'll be your huckleberry, wanna race for some $? if you are as bad ass as you say, you will be able to get your nitrous kit, and have $ left over. :D :cool:
lol, what do you drive boomer? i will race anything but not for money unless i know im gonna win.'

its just too easy to hide nitrous now days. some times you gotta look reeeaaaly hard.

i have got to do more for my aerodynamics, the srt is way more aero than me.

i have got to make a way to close off the grill openings while im racing, i am thinkin about building a cable operated flap system that will close when i pull a lever and open when i push it.

i think that will help ALOT for 75-up aerodynamics. and i could pull even harder at those speeds then before.

maybe only close off the top two openings while normally driving to help out the gas miliage.

hmm i think ive came upon something here,
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I dont think the Ram srt-10 is any more aero than the regular rams. That hood scoop and lower front bumber probably adds more drag than the hemi sport. With nitrous the Hemi can probably hang with the srt-10. Dunno how long the tranny will last though, especially with the wire pulled. Thats gonna make for some rock hard solid shifts.
actually if you look at the grill of the srt, alot of the opening has been closed off due to aerodynamics. that is one of the reasons it has such a high speed.

i just got back in from building a custom aluminum grill for my ram, i will have pics up tomorrow evening or something.
8sec03ram.......your 8.81 at 75mph in the 1/8 mile = 13.8-13.9 in the 1/4 mile

my 03 hemi longbed ram ran 8.72 at 79.37 mph in the 1/8 mile and 13.71 at 99.05 mph in the 1/4 mile with a 2.00 60ft.......the grill covers work and give you more mph in the 1/4 mile

sounds like your real close to my times... do you have any time slips you can post???

this weekend i will be installing my150hp nitrous express kit this should put my truck well in the 12s and i got all the goodies bottle heater,pressure guage, blow off tube and purge system
hey 777, i still havent removed my sway bar and ran it yet. i bet i could cut a tenth or so off just by that.

that and the grill openings, i could be there, ohh and a set of 17's like yours, wow.

I dont have a scanner and the time slips at redline speedway start fading REALLY quick if they are the white(winning)slips. and all my 8sec runs where wins. so it wouldnt be worth it to scan them.

hell when i show people they are like, HMM that looks like a 9 there, untill i point out the other peoples times, and the 60ft, 330ft, and speeds ect.

i too want to install nitrous, but i got to back up my income.

im glad i found this place here, i stopped posting on dto, it got boring. notihing interesting.

got me a new hangout now.
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Yeah dto and dodgetalk are ok, I much prefer ekools forums. I wish he had a Ram Hemi section.
Pick on me instead...... a Hemi should be able to beat me! :p
I'm only a slow diesel!
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