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Widest street tires.

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Hello fam,

First of may God bless each and every single person on this forum.

Secondly, I'm the new guy so please go easy on me fellas. Here's my question, I just bought a brand new 2004 RAM SRT-10 (Silver). I say brand new because it only has 5,888 original miles. It is 99% stock and it will be my daily driver for now. With its current setup at 505 HP (which is less at the wheels) and 525 torque, what would be the widest tire/rim setup I can run safely all the way up to 600-700 WHP without any modification to the truck. I want the wide tires mainly for performance/traction and stance. I feel like I'm going to see the name Tony...Thanks in advance.

Just incase anyone is confused, I am talking about getting tire/rim on without any mods to wheel well/no cutting etc. Obviously I'd have to modify the truck to get that 600-700 WHP at the rear. Thanks guys.
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Street tires arent easily available above 304/40/22 and 315/35/22. Thats about all the stock rim will hold.
Nitto makes a 305/40/22 drag radial if your not worried about tire life or driving in the rain/winter.
Otherwise m&h has a 390/40/17 but the only currently made rim that will clear the brake caliper is a racestar
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