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window tinting question

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Gonna get my windows tinted on Sat. Found out the shop has two kinds of tint. Tint one and tint 2 which is more expensive. I dont know the difference but of course would get the best one. Just wanted to ask is there really a difference and is there anything I should know before I let them at my truck?

thanks guys

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all i know is that i got mine tinted and he used 3m tint... he swears by it and it looks great. 3 yr warranty. plus heres the kicker, i got er done for free. ahhh the benifits of friends. hopefully its 3m tint, it seems to be the best IMO. our SS also is done in 3m tint and its held up perfect. hope my .02 helps.

p.s. its farking hot here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in the same building as my shop, there is a window tinting shop, a 55 year old man and his 28 year old son they have been in the business for about 13 years. they say Sun Guard is a very good tint, and to stay away from Solar Guard tint. it can turn purple. i had them do my truck, they put 30% on the doors, 20% on the back glass, and a 5% strip across the top of the windshield. you will like it, no question about it.
I don't know the names off all of the tints that they have out, but I do know that you want a reflective tint. It is not a mirror tint. The only reason hy is after awhile the tint will start to turn purple do to the sun. And, Maui were you live it would probably be the best idea to get the best. Some places were you go, you have to ask them to take the tint to the top of the window. That away it looks more factory. Take it to the top. Oh, dont forget.... Don't accidently roll the window down.....kris
I have had many vehicles tinted over the years and have been very satisfied with 3M film. The other brands have had so-so to bad results.
Thanks for all the replies guys. I will call on Friday to find out about the brand and reflective stuff .......we dont want any purple action going on!!

It was hot here today again....but nowhere near what you are enjoying!!! :( :( Trades are supposed to be back on Friday....thank God!!! I hate the humidity!!

Florida here...I had regular limo tint on the Hemi....Scratched lines in the tint from raising/lowering the window....even after the felt was installed on the window track. It was not Titanium film.

Have Titanium based film on the SRT and it's wonderful!
No distortion, discoloring, or scratching, and offers great protection in the Florida sun.

Good luck on your decision.
Got Tint!!

Had the top of the line tint put on yesterday. It was the titanium super-duper,100 horsepower, chick magnet kine!!!!!! Ok well it was the best (titanium)they had and comes with a lifetime warranty for no fading, cracking, discoloring etc.... The shop guys were blown away with my truck. I was the first one they had seen. Install was in less than a hour and it looks great. I went as dark as legally possible here in Hawaii, 35%. They would have put limo tint on but then when it comes to getting it inspected or if I ever get pulled over, yep I am screwed. I think I might have enough trouble with the speed and lack of front plate that I dont need super dark illegal tint!! Cost was only $100 for both doors. I left the rear window alone, factory tint is enough for me. I would like to see at night backing up!!

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