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Wing mounted to toneau cover

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Has anyone mounted their wing on a toneau cover yet? If so can you please post pictures? What did you do about bolt heads hitting bed rail and can you get to locks under wing?

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Hard cover tunnel cover installed with wing

I installed the wing on the cover myself and it looks factory. I had to slot the wing ridges into the cover and I used longer bolts with lock washers. My cover has a carpet finish inside and I removed the carpet from the bolt holes until I had everything mounted and then re-glued the carpet.
I just tested it out at 150 mph + and it is very functional. It looks great as I have had a lot of good comments. I'm trying to attach a pic but it doesn't seem to be working :confused: . In any case it works great because it has increase the slip on the truck and doesn't seem to have effected the dynamics.
My gas mileage went up 20% but if you own one of these you shouldn't be concerned. On cruise at 60 mph and 1200 rpm I'm getting 20 mpg which isn't bad for A to B trips and of course you have to stay on cruise.


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