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Woodhouse Wracin Skool - Numero 10!!!

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For 10 fun filled years , the wackos at Woodhouse, have invited gearheads, motorheads, and petrolheads ( that should cover the English speaking Nation's different nomenclature for auto-sickos ) to an annual trek to get rid of the Winter blahs, by going racing. This year we are off to Sebring, Florida, to run the Panoz GTRAs on the full 3.7 mile track. Why, you ask , is this any different from any other racing school? Well, the answer is simple, we customize the program for more track time, more partying, unique racing opportunities, and more partying. Whereas most schools, including Panoz, never get on the full 3.7 mile track, or only make it by day #3, we are on the full 12 hrs. of Sebring course all three days!!!!! Then we wander over to the Chateau Elan ( cut rate of $79 per night for us ) Hotel and Spa to attempt to shut down the bar in exemplary fashion,ha. We have a " Welcome Party," for all attendees, we get more track time than is normal, and we get opportunities to race the Instructors. You can also get your Regional SCCA Racing License if you wish, and we have a fun factor success rate of 100% over the last 10 years - we guarantee you will have a blast. For info see below:

When - Jan. 25-27
Where - Hotel Chateau Elan , Sebring , Florida ( right next to the track )
What - 3 days of racing, lying, partying, bench racing, and did I mention , partying?
Who - you , and you only need to bring your body, as they provide helmets, suits, and most of all, the RaceCar - PS , this is a car tall drivers can fit in!!

$2995 for three days, on one of the World's most Historic tracks.

Call or email me for more info.

Bill Pemberton
Woodhouse Viper

[email protected]
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Damn, that sounds like a really good time.
You are in Northern Detroit , so you need to get away as bad as us, ha!

We do alot of partying, er, I mean racing, and at 3.7 miles per lap, only Road America is longer. Ya gotta sign up for this classic track, and the first beer is on Bob Woodhouse - I am good at spending his money when he doesn't know it, ha.

wow whata blast thats gonna be

i gotta see if i can change my plans (trip to Vegas planned that same time)

i will let you know

and thank you again

I owe you huge

PS i need you to PM me you and Mr woodhouse's shirts sizes

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