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Hey Guys

I got a chance to see 2 yellow srt 10 rams today up close and personal

they were both at my local dealer in the body shop (this dealer does all of Michigans body work for all new cars and all lease cars) they are actually 1 mile from the train yard where all the trucks cars are shipped from

both had very minor transport damage

there 2 trucks were hurt prior delivery to ASC for final assembly

they are still wrapped in plastic they had no black on the hood either (or yet)
1 had a bad grill, tha other has a bad front bumper cover (small quick fixes)

I have both vin numbers and one is not my truck

ok now the interiors


the stitching is just like Viper Bill (Bill Pemberton) described
only 1 had a shift knob and it was not stitched , the other was missing a shift knob

but since these trucks have not been final assembeled they may add that later

both have bed liners and the NEW logo in the middle of the tailgate
it was raining so i could not open the doors to see the seats up close they look very similar to the regular ones except they have yellow stitiching (like they all should of had except in body color)

I could not get a digi camera so i could take pics but im gonna try monday to get a camera and im goping back up there for you all to see

I cant wait few more days and the truck will be here

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