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05 RC YF Paxton / 05 QC NA
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Since Jeff closed the truck registry i have acquired all of his data on YFs to try to maintain some kind of (registry).
I have found 3 trucks that were damaged significantly enough that they received new parts with different vins and were still registered as YFs at the local dmv.
I have a fb page, Yellow Fever Lives Matter, that i maintain.

I dont give out personal information.
Eventually, when i catch up, I will post a document here of there so people can see whats still alive .
I only list last 5 of vin, dash number, ddmmhh, state/country currently in.
I also have the equipment list for each YF ever made if you are the owner and would like it. I dont charge for thi information but i do require you give me info so I can update the list.
For those that may wonder why Jeff and I need this information is that the YFs were NOT made in dash or even vin order.
Dodge didn't keep any records so we have to manually match each vin/dash number/ build mmddhh to see what really was built in what order.
Below is a sample of the current list to show what we are working against.
Please contact me if you have info, even partial info on a YF status, alive or dead.
thank you in advance for any help that is provided
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05 RC YF Paxton / 05 QC NA
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Hello there
I just bought a used 2006 SRT10 quad cab mineral Gray. I've been searching for one for a few years and I came across this one at a low price but it had high miles (almost 200k). I think it has some upgrades so I'll be posting pics and you guys can tell me if that's stock or an upgrade. This is my first viper equip vehicle. I am a hardcore Mopar man and I've owned Cudas, challengers and of course I have a 2003 Hemi Dodge Ram, which is actually faster than my SRT 10. I rebuilt and owned several Gen ll hemi(s). I do most all repairs myself except for change tires and alignments. I plan to tune this quad cab and then compression check it and then see if it needs a complete built. which I actually want to do. My quad cab seems to have been abused and not been kept up on regular maintenance. Carfax States 9 owners. I moved from Southern California to Las Cruces New Mexico. I will truly appreciate constructive criticism. But if you just a rich boy, you wont impress me. I am a retired California state firefighter and EMT and an Army vet ( if you ain't Cav you ain't s***). My hands are usually dirty and sometimes bloody. For sure I need to rebuild my front calipers and get at least one rotor. I plan on changing all fluids and filters, spark plugs, coil packs and spark plug wires. Right off the bat there seems to be a charging issue. I will change the alternator and get a new battery and then go from there. I started changing the fluids the second day I own this vehicle... Let the good times roll 馃槑馃憤
Posting under YF section?
Anyway, welcome.
First the bad things.
06s have electrical issues with the cluster and the TIPM (fuse box).
06 interior is 1 yr only, hard to replace.
Coils/wires are under the intake, pain in the ass to get to.
PS and oil cooler lines are leaks waiting to happen if they are oem quick connects but yours have probably been changed.
Expensive engine to rebuild, figure $8-10k including full gaskets, cam set, oil pump, all new sensors, timing chain, water pump etc and thats with you doing the assembly.
Hopefully it came with a sct or hp tuner. Preferred tuner is torrie at
The tuner unlocks torque management so that it will spank a stock 03 hemi.
Definitely rebuild front calipers.
Emergency brake is inside hub of the rear rotors, at 200k miles there is probably a severe ridge inside the hub, getting them off will be a chore.
Tires - personal choice.
pirellis are best
General Grabber UHPs are best bang for the buck.
If its not lowered and you want to lower it, DO NOT use hemi parts, the spring rates are to low, this is a heavy truck.
The 48re that survives behind your hemi dies quickly with torque management turned off unless you build it. Normal 48re upgrades, hd converter, hd clutches, gm governor solenoid with adapter, metal pressure transducer

05 RC YF Paxton / 05 QC NA
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The good - nobody sees them anymore and those that know what they are looking at really appreciate you having it.
When you rebuild the motor -
If you use oem lifters they are noisy as hell because they are fast bleed to meet emissions. If you switch to standard lifters the clicking goes away.
Trucks in hot environments usually like M1 15/50 oil instead of oem 0/40, added benefit is it quiets fast bleed lifters slightly
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