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05 RC YF Paxton / 05 QC NA
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Since Jeff closed the truck registry i have acquired all of his data on YFs to try to maintain some kind of (registry).
I have found 3 trucks that were damaged significantly enough that they received new parts with different vins and were still registered as YFs at the local dmv.
I have a fb page, Yellow Fever Lives Matter, that i maintain.

I dont give out personal information.
Eventually, when i catch up, I will post a document here of there so people can see whats still alive .
I only list last 5 of vin, dash number, ddmmhh, state/country currently in.
I also have the equipment list for each YF ever made if you are the owner and would like it. I dont charge for thi information but i do require you give me info so I can update the list.
For those that may wonder why Jeff and I need this information is that the YFs were NOT made in dash or even vin order.
Dodge didn't keep any records so we have to manually match each vin/dash number/ build mmddhh to see what really was built in what order.
Below is a sample of the current list to show what we are working against.
Please contact me if you have info, even partial info on a YF status, alive or dead.
thank you in advance for any help that is provided
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