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You Want A CHEAP Cold Air Intake? (As In Free)

OK Guys, first off, DON'T get pissed at me for 'rigging' this sweet truck, but I've been thinking about it and I had to try. Second, I did this but it's already back to stock. I just wanted to see if it would work. Which, I guess it does? :confused: :)

I'll keep this short and sweet:
1) Remove the stock airbox (Top/Bottom/Filter)
2) Always remember - Duct Tape is your friend! ;)
3) Place Air box lid upside down and lay filter on it (The way it would be installed normally)
4) Take the Duct Tape and tape the filter to the Lid around the edges
5) For a little extra piece of mind, get a couple rubber bands to hold the filter to the lid.
6) REinstall lid, WITHOUT the bottom of the box, AND, turn it 90 degrees so that the filter faces towards the front of the truck.
7) Tighten clamp on lid
8) You may have to reposition the breather tube slightly so that it reaches the air box lid - no big deal.
9) Remove the air-deflector on the back side of the grill.

Presto - you have a ZERO dollar mod which, in a pinch, has got to help! I admit, it's ugly, but if you're truck is still stock and want to here the V10 GULP some serious air, give it a try. I'm not sure this is good for rainy weather, but then again it's about the same as what other guys are doing with the Elbows and K&N cone filters, so it might be ok.

I figure WTF? Until someone produces a Ram-Air kit using the stock hood scoop, or something else that's somewhat affordabe, it's a start.

Oh yeah, as embarrasing as it may be, I took some pics. :rolleyes: If someone can put 'em up here, or if ya just want to take a look, lemme know where to send them.
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